Monday, April 14, 2014

RR: 2014 Rockin' K 50 Miler

Saturday, April 4, 2014
Rockin' K 50 Mile Ultra
50 Miles - Kanapolis State Park, KS
Kansas is NOT flat
After visiting the Rockin' K 50 Miler last year, it was an easy sell to return this year. The Kansas Ultrarunners Society puts on races seldom seen in the state of Colorado. Old School ultra traditions are alive and well in Kansas and it's easy to feel like part of the family from the moment you arrive. Last year, I was on a mission to lose 30 lbs and run my 5th Vermont 100, in 100-Mile PR time. This year, I'm just enjoying the journey, training for Redemption at the Big Horn 100 in June. 

I've been running Ultras for 9 full years now and come July I'll be starting season 10. That seems like a long time and even feels like it. There have been few times in the 9 years I've been running ultras that I've felt ready or even equipped to try and land amongst the top runners at a race. This year, going into Kansas, I was feeling great and knew that now was as good a time as any to give it hell and see if I could land in the Top 3.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Race Preview: 2014 Rockin' K 50 Miler

It's hard to believe that it's April already, but here we are and my ultra season is officially about to get under way. Like this time last year, it's been a long grueling winter full of Fat Ass training runs and the kind of consistency required to run a comfortable race. I'm excited to get out there though more excited to be traveling with friends, camping, and enjoying post run stories around the fire. Heading into this weekends race, I've run the same amount of miles this year as I ran by now this time last year. The difference is, I didn't have 30 pounds to lose (I had 10 to lose), I wasn't struggling to build a new base level of ultra fitness (it was already there),

Monday, March 31, 2014

March Recap

March Re-Cap:
Miles Run: 237.2 (+54.2)
# of Runs: 21 (+4)
Avg Miles: 11.30 (+0.53)
2014 Total Miles: 627.7

Month Starting Weight: 158.6 lbs.
Month Ending Weight: 155.0
Weight Change: (-3.6)

Race/Run Results:
Twin Mountain Trudge: 6:05 (2nd Place)
High Line Canal Fat Ass 100K: 13:51

Friday, March 28, 2014

Changes in Ultra

I started running ultras in 2005, which means that as of June of this year, I'll have been running ultras for 9 years and into year number 10. When I first started running ultras, there were a few out there (veterans) who told their running peers to "pay no attention" to me because I was "merely a flash in the pan." Here today gone tomorrow was how they coined me.. without truly knowing me. Truth is, I had no idea how long I would be an ultra runner for, what kind of impacts it would eventually have on my life, I didn't even think I would ever run in a 100 mile race. I don't blame them for thinking that way or making the remarks. Let's face it, back in 2005 when I was first starting out.. I was one of the youngest ultra runners out there at 23 years old. I knew of only a handful of runners who were as young or younger than me out there. I was the youngest or second youngest finisher in my first 4 races.

But times have changed. We used to be looked at as freaks of nature. The crazy people who run really long distances. We were such a niche community, such a group of outsiders, that many other runners would simply refer to us as "one of those." Now.. everyone wants a piece. Ultramarathon running has quickly become one of the fastest growing recreational trends of our time. The chart below outlines the growth in our sport purely in the number of finishers, put out by Ultrarunning Magazine.

Monday, March 24, 2014

If ya can't join em.. Beat em

Over the last few years I've sounded off, loudly, on this blog and over other mediums about my opinions in regards to the changes in Ultra Running. My opinions have spanned topics on Corporations digging into our sport, race directors earning crazy amounts of money on one race, prize money for front runners, and at times all of this combined. I started running Ultras in 2005, but it was 2010 when I first started to struggle with aspects of the sport I had largely ignored over the years. Or maybe it was that in running the Grand Slam in 2010, I thrust myself into the weird dichotomy between races like The Barkley, The Vermont 100 vs races like Western States and Leadville.

Over the last 4 years I have truly struggled internally with what I like about Ultra and what I, perhaps, don't like. I've struggled with thoughts of leaving the sport to seek adventure on my own with epic journey runs. In the end, I just care way too much. Ultra has become such a huge part of my life that it's not something I can simply walk away from. I know too much about it.. I'm too invested both emotionally and physically. My family is invested. Without being able to walk away, I had to determine how best I can continue to move forward.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Human Potential LLC - FUNDRAISER

A few Friday's ago, the unthinkable happened. I lost my job. I cannot even begin to tell you the kind of emotional tailspin that sent me into. In another tumultuous period of my life, I looked everywhere for support.. actually.. support kinda looked for me. While I was down and out, self loathing, bathing in depression.. my Colorado friends were mobilizing. What transpired next blew me away.

My friend Lara told me it was time to start my own business. After all.. I'd already done all the work with this winter's Fat Ass series. A series that went from 81 participants to nearly 300 this last season. People knew what to expect from me. I put on such quality Fat Asses that they rivaled some of the most popular official races in Colorado. This.. is what Lara was feeding into my brain. I didn't see it.. so she told me to invite 5 of my most trusted friends to the house for a meeting.. and they'll show me.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February Recap

February Re-Cap:
Miles Run: 183 (-24.5)
# of Runs: 17 (-14)
Avg Miles: 10.77  (+4.1)
2014 Total Miles: 390.5

Month Starting Weight: 161.0 lbs.
Month Ending Weight: 158.6
Weight Change: (-2.4)

Race/Run Results:
No Official Races
Frozen Dead Guy Fat Ass 50K: 7:48
Headless Horsetooth Fat Ass 50K: 7:05